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Development Cooperation Policies of Emerging Economies: Implications for India [2007/09]

Project Team: Dr. Sachin Chaturvedi
With sharp economic growth, the international focus on ‘aid’ programmes of emerging economies has gone up considerably. Apart from their bilateral assistance programmes they are also contributing towards several international initiatives for creating global public goods. The economic cooperation programmes from these economies is in the South-South cooperation framework and is very different from the one within which the traditional donors are trying to achieveharmonisation and transparency under the Paris Declaration. Meanwhile India has also announced consolidation of the outgoing assistance and the placing of economic cooperation related programmes under a specialised agency. In this context, RIS has launched a study to explore what all policy options are available to the emerging economies for establishing international linkages of their respective national agencies and how well they are placed in terms of adopting various global commitments as part of their efforts towards the global discipline for the global aid flow.
The project also examines issues related to the proposed Global Development Forum under the auspices of the UN. In the first phase, India-specific policies would be studied.