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Africa-India Partnership in the 21 st Century [2008/10]

Project Team: Dr. S.K. Mohanty, Dr. Sachin Chaturvedi and Dr. Anshuman Gupta

This project builds on the previous work of the RIS on India-Africa partnership and the more recent study on emerging countries and their implications for poorer countries.RIS organised an international workshop jointly with the Commonwealth Secretariat, London in June 2007 on the role of emerging countries like India in African development as reported elsewhere. RIS organised an international conference on the Africa-India Partnership on 2-3 April 2008 in the context of the forthcoming India-Africa Forum Summit. The Conference was attended by experts and scholars from African policy think-tanks and Indian institutions and deliberated on emerging patterns of trade, investment, technology transfers and development cooperation between India and Africa in an attempt to identify the potential and challenges. In 2008-09, RIS will launch a major work programme on the subject covering policy research, institutional networking and capacity-building on internatinal economic issues in collaboration with the Commonwealth Secretariat, London.