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South-South Cooperation in Genomics Innovation and Health Biotechnology [2006/09]

Project Team: Dr. Sachin Chaturvedi

This study aims to explore how far policy regimes and industrial enterprises are responding to the growing idea of South-South Cooperation in the realm of pharmaceuticals particularly in genomics. The project also looks into issues such as factors and conditions that contribute towards successful South-South cooperation and the pattern of collaborations in genomics/health biotechnology, and compare formal versus informal collaborations. The preliminary results of the study were presented at a project meeting which suggests that the impact of the southern collaborations in the area of genomics has expanded manifolds as almost all the countries, under the study, have enhanced their allocations for medical biotechnology.

This project has moved into its penultimate year when most of the field work is over. The project is structured in such a way that each team members studies the linkage of the respective team members country with two other developing countries. RIS is expected to analyse India’s linkages with Brazil and Bangladesh while the team from China is studying academic and entrepreneurial linkages with India and Thailand. The other key partners are from Brazil, Egypt and South Africa. The project is being led by the University of Toronto. The project would also cover issues like examination of collaborations both in research activities as well as in product development; and commercialisation activities. It would also identify the key hurdles in promoting the collaborations and the different roles of participants in the collaborations apart from examining the areas which deserve urgent policy attention in this regard.